Sunday, September 26

Goodbye to Berlin
So i'm back from the German capital - we kind of pottered about for a few days, went to some museums and galleries, visited a Goth pub called the Last Cathedral, saw The Faint, failed to speak any German ...that kind of thing.

The language barrier was a problem, as I struggled to find ways of saying Achtung! in every conversation - Although the kebab man managed to get through it and tried to chat up Fincho - luckily his smooth charm didn't pay off...although i'm sure she was tempted by a lifetime supply of free Doners.

Talking of Kebabs, on my last day I invested in a set of Berlin Kebab Shops top trump cards!
A once in a lifetime buy and well worth it....you can compete in categories like Price of a Doner, opening hours, founding date and distance from Istanbul.

But there are three categories that we don't understand...maybe some German speakers can help me out...they are:

Anzahl der Bruder

If anybody can help than a free kebab will be yours (excluding packaging and postage)

For those of you that want to know more. Here are some Berlin Kebab facts

I feel that I must point out that, I don't actually eat red meat...

More about Berlin to come, including East Berlin traffic lights, internet access in a bus shelter and a chance meeting with a plumber in a Goth club....remember, Danger! High Postage, first with all the international Goth club plumber news.