Tuesday, August 3

Whoa-oh we're half way there...
Opening night at the new BBC Club in Birmingham saw a free buffet and Red Stewart & David Essex tribute acts. I had completely fogotten about this and I was happily munching away on my cheese and pinaepple on a stick, when they walked in wearing full stage costume carrying their equipment causing me to almost choke with laughter.

Now the Rod Stewart knew his place in the world and got on with the job in hand, making sure his hair was in place of course. However, the David Essex guy had ideas above his station - having a go at the management for a poor turnout and later, the lack of a crowd response - you could see the anger and disappointment in his eyes. But as a colleague of mine pointed out - he's a tribute act - a David Essex tribute act and as such has no musical dignity!

Talking of no musical dignity - during the course of doing this months music listings, I have noticed several Bon Jovi tribute acts doing the rounds. I will list them below and leave it up to you to decide which is the best or 'least worst'. The ultimate endurance test would be to see several of them, back to back on consecutive nights...or alternatively, for someone to book them all on the same bill....truly scary...

By Jovi
Bon Giovi
Being Jovi
Born Jovi
Non Jovi

And two that I can't find a website for, but they do exist:
Bon Jordi (The Geordie Bon Jovi - my personal favourite)
Bon Jovish

The German Bon Jovi tribute act:
Kon Chauvi

And if you fancy forming your own Bon Jovi tribute act