Sunday, August 29

I forgot to mention...
That it was my birthday in Wednesday and now I'm 24 years old... Some of the lovely presents that I was given for my birthday include...

Banana soap
Hard and Heavy - A classic 80's rock compilation video
Basquiat (DVD)
A new PJ Harvey Biography
From Joy Division to New Order: The True Story of Anthony H Wilson and Factory Records - Mick Middles
What a Bobby Dazzler - David Dickinson
Hell Bent for Leather: confessions of a Heavy Metal Addict - Seb Hunter
Rough Trade Indie Pop Volume 1

And while we're on the subject of lists, some of the bands that the esteemed Mr Phillipe Bergeroo played at A Different Kettle of Fish on Tuesday include: Radio4, !!!, The Rapture, Devo, The Clash, Gang of Four, ESG, Ex-Models, Boys of Scandinavia, Ladytron, MC Lars, LCD Soundsystem and more....though sadly no obscure Japanese electro-pop....this time!

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