Saturday, August 7

Geeky Stuff
Just downloaded Mozilla Firefox to replace Internet Explorer and all i've got to say at this stage, is that it seems really cool! Very fast indeed, which has been a bit of a problem for my computer of late...

Spent the day playing Aerobie and not going to the Lichfield Rock Festival - I may have missed out on rock history, but I did get to throw a ring obscene distances around a park in West Bromwich! Photos tomorrow...maybe

On Friday for lunch I went to the all you can eat Chinese Buffet which was a feat of endurance...some people couldn't stand the pace in the office in the afternoon, after overindulging at lunchtime, bit I was OK as I obeyed the golden rules of all you can eat Chinese buffets. What are they oh wise man? you may ask...and one day I might tell you....but not until you're 21.