Wednesday, August 11

Fish and Broccoli
This becoming Tony Wilson malarkey is harder than it looks. I watched the great man on the Keith Barret Show on Monday to pick up some tips, but with limited success.

Organisation for A Different Kettle of Fish is haphazard to say the least. The posters have hit a photocopying problem and there is also the fact that I can't actually DJ - I do have some cracking, obscure tunes to play though. Including a Lo-Fi electro version of The Doors 'LA Woman'...

After August 24th i'm not sure if i'm going to organise another night, at least for a while...it's two much hassle for one person...I need an Alan Erasmus. So it looks like I might just skip to stage three of the plan:

Stage 1 - Become Local Journalist (Status completed)
Stage 2 - Organise own night (Status pending)
Stage 3 - Discover dark genius

Now as you may realise - stage three may prove to be difficult...perhaps even impossible...but i'm not to be deterred...

On the subject of Tony Wilson, I was reminded of the Broccoli scene in in 24 Hour Party people as we were discussing how the aforementioned vegetable was invented. Some people claim it was the Romans, others god but i'm with Wilson and favour the vegetable hybrid claim - probably a cauliflower and a pea...also the guy who did James Bond, Cubby Broccoli - definitely a family connection there methinks. What is truth and what is fiction? To paraphrase the great man. When faced with the fact or the myth, go with the myth

Also some fascinating facts about George Bush Snr and Broccoli - it seems he wasn't a fan