Sunday, July 11

Well I just got back from the Move festival in Manchester - the festival that is sponsored by Virgin Trains and 'ironically' our train on the way home was cancelled!

The Cure were pretty cool and it was a good weekend, but it seems like ticket sales were very low. I was chatting to some touts and they were actually selling tickets for Sunday night BELOW face value of the gig.

I also made friends with one of the bootleg T-Shirts sellers who let me into some of his trade secrets. Each T-Shirt cost him roughly a quid to buy and then maybe 50p to £1.00 to print depending on the quantity. That gave him at least three quid worth of pure profit on each T-Shirt and at the rate he was selling his Pixies ones, not a bad nights earnings. I would have asked him more but the police started walking down the street so he had to run off....

I went to themarvelouss Vinyl Exchange in Manchester and bought 7 electro compilations for 24 quid...not bad.

And I kind of had a date too....

The main lowpoint of the weekend was when I accidently ended up hearing the Stereophonics encore from outside the cricket ground...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

And if you want to see the coolest thing ever, why not have a game of online crazy golf - via Fat Buddha