Sunday, July 4

Danish mudbath
Foolishly I brought my sandals to the arena where the bands are today in a misguided hope that the sun would bake the mud dry...oh no no no. We've had more torrential rain which has churned up all the mud again turning it into a fine paste like wet cement...so no sandals for me today plus i've ran out of socks which should make tomorrow eventful to say the least.

Sometimes the Scandinavian sense of organisation can work against itself. Like when there is a huge crowd of people trying to get into the front area of the pit, yet security only let people in ones and twos, forcing everybody else to be crushed for 20 minutes and actually making the situation worse. Well I guess any country where if you don't like peas you are a social pariah is always going to be difficult to understand.

Last night we went to see the master at work. I am of course talking about Morrissey. For me one moment summed him up completely. After playing the last song of the set he whipped his T-Shirt off revealing his toned if slightly overweight body - he had already changed his shirt three times. Then turning to the crowd he raised his eyebrow archly before wiping all the sweat off his body with the T-Shirt and then throwing it into the crowd....cue a mass fight for it and bottles of Mozza sweat appearing on ebay very soon.

Just seen Simple Kid, a man whose mission in life seems to be to try and make the banjo cool again. All his equipment fucked up but he was still very good, he did a cover of 'Hurt' and made me laugh, I reckon I might try and get an interview with him at the Truck Festival.

The team is fast succumbing to injury, three have been struck down with a mysterious rash (possibly trench foot) and i've got a painful blister on my little toe and a ruined pair of trainers. Only Dean it appears has come though the weekend unscathed.

I've seen some more obscure acts, there was some Spanish guy with an unpronounceable name and then there was Lali Puna who were a kind of German Stereolab and very good too.

Then there were Kira and the Kindred Spirits. Billed in the programme as a Danish cross between PJ Harvey and Janis Joplin, my hopes were high...However the singer was more like Anastacia or Mariah Carey and had a visible thong, but deliberately so...why!?

By the way, if anyone knows the results of the Press Gazette Student Media Awards, can they leave me a comment so I know if i've won or not...