Thursday, July 8

I'm seeing The Cure tomorrow at Old Trafford cricket ground...has anyone seen the irony of thousands of goths wearing black in a cricket ground where the players wear all white...ok so just me then.

A fuck up with my ticket means I have to pick it up on the day...the woman on the phone saud 'you might miss the first band' to which I replied, 'I think i'll live' - as the band are duller than dishwater Longview. The other support bands are Elbow and Keane...possibly the most inappropriate support bands since Chicks on Speed were bottled off by a load of braindead wankers when they supported the Chili Peppers at Hyde Park.

Compare and contrast this with the Curiosa festival in America, where the support bands are: Interpol, The Rapture, Mogwai, Muse and Auf Der Mer and I think we are getting a bit of a raw deal here in England.

Fincho told me she might cry when The Cure are on.... I think I might cry if Keane's set goes on by longer than 20 minutes.