Thursday, July 15

Big Ian's Coat
Ian runs a hostel in Copenhagen and has lived in Denmark for over 20 years. He is a wise man and a man that likes a beer. We stayed at his hostel for two days before we went to Roskilde and he regaled us with tales from his life and we came to know him affectionately as 'Big Ian'.

Now Big Ian is a knowlegable man. He knows all the ins and outs of Copenhagen, where the best bars and shops are and what time the freeview is on the satellite porn channels...

It's probably fair to say that Ian is an alcoholic, so maybe it wasn't the best job for him to sell beer at festivals which is what he did for many years. He told us that he first went to Denmark because of a girl "Don't we all!" he said. After he split up with the girl he went to the government and said i've got no money and nowhere to live and was told "people aren't allowed to be poor in Denmark" and given a load of money and a flat...nice.

When we were at the hostel the weather was bad and Big Ian lent Dave a rather fetching blue coat, which he was later told he could keep. Spurred on by the generosity of Ian, Dave grew in stature, from then own becoming known as 'Big Dave'.

Now the coat protected Dave from many adverse Danish weather conditions, but at the end of the festival to coat had to be sacrificed for weight reasons. So the coat was covered in cheap Danish washing up liquid and left to clean itself the next time it rained in that faithful Danish field.

And that is the story of Big Ian's coat.