Sunday, June 13

'Serious Issues'
I think it's time to talk about some 'serious issues' on this blog....'what do you mean?' you may cry, 'are you saying crazy golf isn't serious?' Well it's time for some serious political debate...so let's get the ball rolling.

Let's start with Ian Mathers Top Ten Least Favourite Philosophers of All Time - link via SWSL

Now everybody I knew who studied philosophy at university ended up having some kind of life crisis or nervous breakdown. Coincidence...I think not.

I'd describe my own personal political/philosophical view as Socialist-Anarcho-Liberal (not in the Liberal Democrat sense mind you). Now i'm not going to elaborate on that right now as i've got something in the oven and i've already set the smoke alarm off once today with my culinary skills - but I just wanted to let you good readers now where I stand...!

I'm looking for Mr Bob Tidmarsh himself to get involved in this one! So Bob, if you are out there, drop in and say hello!

Is it only me that's noticed the Sunday Express trying to build that cheeky racist Kilroy up into some kind of serious political figure. Now I don't buy this rag - my mother in her infinite wisdom gets it - but in recent weeks it seems to have turned itself into some kind of a UK Independence Propaganda leaflet.

I mean c'mon now - Kilroy as a serious political figure...next thing you'll be telling me that Richard & Judy are a serious force in the world of literature....oh...erm...hang on a minute

I didn't actually vote for any party in the local election, choosing to spoil my paper by writing 'you're all rubbish' on it, in a petty, stupid, though ultimately satisfying act of defiance.

I know that the local election should be about local issues, but as not one party chose to address the issue of the closure of the crazy golf course in Red House Park, then they don't deserve my vote.

Over at Bloggerheads, Tim Ireland has started his Big Intervention. And it's something I wholeheartedly support, though i'm not sure i'll get round to putting a banner on my blog or anything like that...apathetic moi?

And The Beatles were crap...
Did anyone see Late Review on BBC2 on Friday night? Amongst the pretensious plays and artists were The Killers. A bit of a curveball by the programme there, no doubt trying to get down and hip with the kids...Germaine Greer was unimpressed, dismissing them with the classic 'not as good in my day argument' used by all old people EVER.

Why don't you just face it Grandad...The Beatles were crap!

I think it's best we leave this one until another day shall we...