Thursday, June 10

Hounded by the paparazzi
I've got reporters camped on my doorstep trying to get a quote from me about my awards nomination - but I remember where I came from, that's why i've given an exclusive interview to the University of Central Lancashire Journalism Department.

I know humble reader that you've been desperate to find out more about me, my motivation, my hopes and dreams - and now you can find out as I "reveal all" (copyright Daily Star).

In other news
The crazy golf phenomenon grows - Don't miss your chance to enter the Birmingham It's Not Shit Crazy Golf Competition

Enter Dave's Web of Lies (especially for Dean)

Tony Hadley "Reveals All" - he hates rice pudding, tinned vegetables, dishonesty and brown nosing - but what I wonder inspired this bizarre collection of hates...was he sold a dodgy can of mixed veg as a small child? Did he nearly drown in a bath of rice pudding? We can only speculate...