Sunday, May 30

New Blogs
I want to take credit for some new weblogs that have sprung up lately -would these people have started blogs if it wasn't for Danger! High Postage - I think not! Don't get me wrong - i'm not big headed or anything - i'm just the kingpin in the Birmingham/Black Country blogging community.....perhaps!

First of all we've got Dave's Perfectly Beastly and it's shaping up to be very good indeed. Dave is a prolific songwriter and posts many of his songs online - he's also a fine writer.

On a political note we've got Maggie Thatcher's Pants - written by Ed who already writes one weblog that shall not be named. It's already been given a plug by Bloggerheads...so he's obviously on the right track. He lives in London and i've never met him - so maybe I can't take credit for this one...

When we were playing Cranium last night we were saying to Graham that he should start a blog...and today it looks like he's done just that with "You should have a blog" they said... which I will shorten to YSHABTS - catchy I think you'll find!

Although i've never met Paul's Mom - I'll still take credit for Jocelyne's new blog. Grasping the Nettle - a very thoughtful first post....

All four have been added to the gold Class section of my sidebar - making a total of six people. It could have been seven but i'm afraid Andy has been relegated to mix with the rif raf for not posting for months.

And remember - if you are reading this and you know me - the next person in Gold Class on my sidebar could be you!