Saturday, May 1

Mike Flowers Pops...his clogs...?
My friend Dean keeps trying to convince me that minor celebrities have just died. I got a text from him today.

'Mike Flowers is dead'

I'm online at that time so I try and find out what happened but my search is fruitless - maybe Dean has heard some exclusive news - I text him back:

'I can't find anything on the web man, how did you find out, what happened?'

A few minutes later, a reply:

'I just saw him get hit by a car'

Now I know he is obviously not telling the truth, but I have a horrible vision in the back of my mind of a blonde wig covered with blood in the gutter of a Manchester street.....

Ten minutes later as I am trying to get this thought out of my mind, he texts me back:

'Just kidding!'

A sick and twisted mind, or the famous scouse sense of humour, you decide...