Monday, May 31

The Blogfather
Well Paul and Graham have christened me 'The Blogfather' for getting so many other people to start blogs (7 and counting)...well who am I to argue.

Apologies for the deluge of photos but I've just started using the photo tool type thingy and I wanted to get the last year of my life out of the way in one go and start a fresh (or something).

Thanks to those lovely people at No Rock and Roll Fun for saying nice things about my PJ Harvey 'review' - they also report some interesting stuff about the Manics and how Nicky Wire might be teaming up with his brother...but i'll save that for a full post another time...

Things I have found in my house today...

One Poster for the play Run for Your Wife - at the Reading Hexagon Theatre (year unspecified). The play stars Les Dawson, Ted Robbins and Brian Cant!
The poster proclaims "The Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail both agree - British Farce at its best"
Apart from the fact that this is probably the only time the Mirror and the Mail agree - I have no idea where this poster is from and it must be quite old as Les Dawson is even looking slightly youthful!

Also found:
A collection of 7" records including -
The Playtime Series - Loopy Ears Secret
The Ugly Ducking
It's your birthday by Max Bygraves

Also a very cool black jacket that i'm going to adopt as my new going out jacket.....