Tuesday, May 4

A bad obsession
Ed warned Paul on his Blog last week not to get too obsessed with the site statistics - but I have to own up - I've become obsessed with the ways people get to this blog:

The people who are searching for Anfield Rap MP3 on google and keep coming to my blog. Now i've looked high and low for an MP3 of the worst football song of all time, but I can't find one. You can see the lyrics here though, including the verse that showcased the rapping talent of John Barnes, who later came to prominence on 'World in Motion'

You two scousers are always yapping
I'm gonna show you some serious rapping
I come from Jamaica, my name is John Barn-es
When I do my thing the crowd go bananas

One word - Genius!

Or what about the Romanian person who was searching for MP3's by Katy's brother on the Romanian google. Now firstly I didn't even know there was a Romanian google - and secondly Wow - The Nailbomb Cults have a Romanian following

What about the person who was looking for a gun shop in Stirchley a few weeks ago - i'm sorry I couldn't provide that information and I hope you didn't kill anyone

Or that Canadian searching for an over the knee socks forum - I wonder if such a forum exists - if it does i'd like to see the discussion...

Then there is the person from Japan searching for Black biscuits MP3 timing download - what was this person hoping to find?

And the BBC news presenter Michelle Hussein really needs to get herself a website as hoardes of people have been searching for her on this blog after I mentioned her in passing once (now twice)

So there we are, I salute you - people who are looking for the MP3 of Big Ron being a cheeky racist. People who are lusting after BBC News Presenters
People who incorrectly spell the names of obscure comedians, who look like they should be in Guns N Roses.
To the people who go to Laser Quest in Acocks Green, I especially salute you.
And to the table footballers that hate me - get over it - you WD40 sniffing fools.