Thursday, May 27

Anglo-American rock band's royalties targeted by Royal Mail...possibly
An elderly couple called William and Grace Kill of Bicester Oxfordshire got a letter through the post with a note inside from Royal Mail. The Kills opened the letter and read the note which said "Dear customer, We had to open this letter to check for money or credit cards, there were none, so you can have the f***** back!!! Next time, make sure there is some money!! Love, Royal Mail." Reports the Telegraph

Is it me - or are postman cheekier than they used to be. And aren't William and Grace looking good for their age! I thought their last album was amazing too - don't let the Royal Mail distract you from writing the follow up guys....

(Story found via Natalie Solent) - Number 9 in the most linked UK weblogs - Danger! High Postage just missed out on the chart at number 53 I believe!

PJ Harvey and Ikara Colt reviews may be forthcoming very soon once i've had a long sit down....