Sunday, April 25

'You know what, if somebody had said what I said about Desailly to one of my players, I would have got 'em by the throat and chinned 'em.'

Really good interview with Ron today in the Observer by Michael Eboda - editor of new nation.

In the interview Ron seems genuinely apologetic, but seemingly still not quite aware of the offence he might have caused, emphasising the generation gap.

"Look I've had pairs of shoes that have been nigger brown, that's what they used to say"

He's had phonecalls of support from Fergie, Houllier, Bobby Robson, Terry Venebles and perhaps most significantly John Barnes.

At the end of the interview, Eboda says to Ron: 'I don't think you are a racist, but I do think you have a racist element in you and I don't think you are aware of what racism is'

And here's an MP3 of what he actually said if you are interested (via Blog FC)