Friday, April 16

Well it's all over at the BBC - My three weeks there have finished just as I was getting on first name terms with the bloke from Doctors - you know, the one who used to be in All Creatures Great and Small!

Having sat next to him in the canteen earlier in the week and had an in depth discussion about cheese and tomato croissants, he had started to say hello to me when we passed in the corridor. It could have been the start of a beautiful friendship ,but sadly it wasn't to be.

My friend Dean is still upset at my dalliances with the cast of his most hated soap. He told me about a will commercial that Doctors bloke has been in (I haven't seen it). "Tell him I object to his will adverts" Dean said to me in a text " I don't use my country walks to contemplate my imminent death"...."And besides, the map he is using whilst rambling is blatantly a map of a city and NOT the countryside!"