Monday, April 19

Strange Train Journeys
Coming back from Oxford on Saturday - I met a man on the train who had just won about three grand on an episode of the weakest link - He even had the cheque in his wallet - he showed it to me..! He told me that it takes ages for Anne Robinson to do all those put downs and she doesn't just think them up off the top of her head - i'm shocked. He said he'd buy me a pint if he ever say me again "when the money has cleared"...

Yesterday on the train from Birmingham to Preston there were loads of people who had just run the London Marathon. You could tell who they were - they were the ones in sweat stained tracksuits with medals around their necks and a strange glazed look in their eye - like slightly deranged guests on Jim'll Fix It.

"Your letter was only the start of it, one letter and now you're a part of it,
Now you've done it, Jim has fixed for it you, and you and you.

There must be something that you always want to do, the one thing that you always wanted to,
Now you've done it, Jim has fixed it for you, and you and you and you ... ba ba ba ...

... ba ba ba ... Jim has fixed it for you, and you and you and you-ou-ou."