Monday, April 19

Snooker Violence

Did anyone see the almost punch up in the snooker yesterday? I tell you what it was strong stuff for the crucible with Australian Quinten Hann challenging Andy Hicks to a fight after the match in a true East End pub style.

The BBC Reports:

The Australian, already warned for swearing at the table, told Hicks he was "short and bald and always would be" before gesticulating at him with his cue extension

The Guardian says:

Hann - talented, volatile and often petulant - alleged that, "A few times when I was going to the table, [Hicks] was slow getting out of the way."

As cue extensions began to be flourished at shoulder height, the referee Lawrie Annandale stepped between the players in a manner more often seen in the boxing ring.

It's certainly shocking behavior by these masters of the green baize - looked up to by thousands of impressionable children worldwide...Perhaps they'd be better off playing Bare Knuckle Snooker