Wednesday, April 21


Big Ron has dropped a bit of a rick and been forced to quit ITV after an alleged racist comment he made about Marcel Desailly during Chelsea's match last night. The comments are reported to have been made off air, but picked up by some middle eastern stations.

"I made a stupid mistake which I regret left me no option but to resign. At the moment I can't believe I did it. It was just a moment of stupidity". Said Ron

Ananova printed what he said and then took it off later - apparently he called Desailly a "F***ing lazy N****r".....which if true is unacceptable and i'm afraid he had to go....I remember Bobby Gould saying a similar thing about Pierre Van H at half time in a Wales V Holland match a few years ago....much to the offence of Nathan Blake

In a weird and some would say ironic piece of timing - he was on a repeat of Room 101 on BBC tonight.

The Champions League won't be the same without his commentary genius

Did he deserve to lose his job?