Sunday, April 25

Photo Blogs
I'm getting a digital camera next week and I am really into photo blogs at the moment - especially ones that primarily have urban/city photos.

I've had a link to Heather Champ and Satan's Laundromat for quite a while now. The former is quite rightly seen as one of the best photobloggers there is, the later is a very cool collection of photographs from around New York.

Salam Pax also has a photo site that I only just found - a must view if you want to see what is really going on in Iraq.

Elvis the Fish has a very cool and quirky collection on photos taken with a pen cam, and a weblog too. And Chicago Uncommon is a great urban photoblog,

I love the pictures of buildings on Lighting Field

There's some more links to others in my side bar - but are there any other great ones that I've missed? Let me know!