Saturday, April 10

My longest blog post ever

So, last night I finally saw Salam Pax, he was appearing on the misleadingly named BBC News 24 show 'Hardtalk'. He looks completely different to how I thought he would - he's a slightly overweight balding chap with a goatee - not what I expected. However the guy who inspired me to blog talked a lot of sense about Iraq and the war in the face of some unbelievably pro-war questioning from the presenter Michelle Hussein. I know i'm not allowed to slag off the BBC for another week, but blimey - I think she wanted to be driving the tanks into Baghdad herself.

So what have I learnt about the BBC this week - you can get an advance copy of the Radio Times three days before in actually gets in the shops! - something to impress your mother with there....

Also BBC in Pebble Mill has its own bar where the stars AHEM, I mean cast of Doctors hang out. Talking of doctors, my friend D was most dismayed that it is now back on the air this week as he hates the show. I suggested that I maybe slipped something in the tea of the cast as I have to walk past their Green Room every day but he told me not to, as that would make me 'The Mervyn King of tea'

I set my first competition on Friday - it should be up on the BBC site next week - its to win tickets to see the Damned and a load of other bands in a punk all dayer. There is ten questions and you have to get them all right to get the secret password. After asking my ubergoth friend F for some questions and being texted a load of questions about pets and personal habits of members of the Damned, I decided that I had to make it a little easier than that - so we'll see how many people get the secret password right!

I've got one more week in Birmingham before I go back to mighty Preston - I'm glad that i've made many many members of staff at BBC Birmingham aware of Preston's mighty bus station.....I wonder if the Night Owl around the corner from my house in Preston will still be illegally selling Dansani water under the counter when I get back up there. Last time I was in there the guy behind the counter gave me a conspirational wink that said to me 'don't tell the police or you won't be getting any more of those half pirce flapjacks that I know you love'

I'm going to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah's on Monday which I am very excited about, but the Ikara Colt show on Tuesday was cancelled due to a member of Amen being ill - that's not very rock and roll. Casey Chaos....I don't think so...

I am also dismayed to see that Patti Smith is playing in Birmingham in the only week that I am not in the country - nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I think she looks a certainty to play Glastonbury (ugh), but will she make the trip over to Denmark so I can see her at the mighty Roskilde festival???

I also found out that there is a huge Anarchist commune in Copenhagen which is kind of semi legal and they don't pay taxes and stuff - I shall definately be checking this out....if anyone knows any good hostels in Copenhagen then let me know!

I think I am going to visit K next week and possibly gatecrash the Oxford Folk Festival as an assistant to a photographers assistant. She said to me i'll hold the photographers bag and you can hold my bag - genius!

Also say 21 Grams last night - the best film I have seen thus far in 2004 - but not for the faint hearted...

Well i'm off to burn more songs to my new MP3 player....