Wednesday, April 14

Ian McShane is back! And this time he's got an enormous moustache

With Tinker getting a role in Eastenders it was only a matter of time before Lovejoy himself returned. The antiques master stars in a new HBO drama called Deadwood. Set 1876 in a lawless South Dakota mining town - it looks like a kind of wild west Sopranos. McShane plays Al Swearengen (not Sweary McSwearington as the Guardian quite funnily said on Saturday).

Excerpt from the Guardian article:
"Ian Mcshane (exorcising a few Lovejoy demons) who in his first few moments of screen time, has stomped on a whore's throat, bilked a newcomer out of his life's savings and ordered the slaughter of a family whose corpses are then disposed of by being fed to the pigs" - Nice!

I've decided that in a homage to the Back to the Future reputation destroyers McFly - i'm going to start my own boyband called McSwearington with the sole aim of destroying the career of pops new most annoying act.