Saturday, April 24

Chicken Tikka Masala
So they are filming a movie in my street! St Peter's Square in Preston is the setting for the British/Asian comedy Chicken Tikka Masala. Starring Saeed Jaffrey, Christopher Bisson and various C-listers from Footballers Wives, Casualty, Corrie and Fat Friends. It's quite exciting actually - they are filming mainly interior shots in two houses owned by the university. Last night they were doing some external scenes - thought they were heavily disrupted by a constant parade of pissed students staggering past and asking if they needed any extras....! They've been filming for nearly a week now and there are big vans everywhere and those big lights that they use (I don't know the technical term..!)

In other exciting news I may have some paid journalism work over the summer - fingers crossed...

MP3's of the day
Kaito are a very cool Brighton/Norwich band that has been around for a while now - originally on Fierce Panda, they are now on Blast First/Mute and one of them also used to develop Katy's brother's photos, slipping in amusing pictures of badgers and other woodlan creatures. Will also produces Atari Teenage Riot-esque slabs of extreme noise under the name The Nailbomb Cults

Josef K are a Scottish post punk band from the early 80's, hevaily influential on today's young whippersnappers like Franz Ferdinand. They were part of the whole Postcard Scene along with Edwin Collins' Orange Juice and Aztec Camera

MP3Kaito - Go (From the album 'You've seen us - You must have seen us)
MP3Kaito - Should I? (From the album 'Band Red')
MP3Nailbomb Cults - Various tracks
MP3Josef K - It's Kinda Funny & Chance Meeting (From the 'Young and Stupid' compilation)

Remember - these MP3 files are for 'evaluation purposes' only - if you like the songs then buy the albums!