Tuesday, March 2

"Uncompromising nihilistic grunge riffery"
It's one of those eternal mysteries of life, why I only almost always ever seem to update my weblog in the first half of the week and never at the weekend. Well it's because he's hanging out with rockstars, getting drunk with a dalek and going on hot chocolate fuelled gambling sprees in casinos you might think (i'm sure you have).

Usually this isn't the case, but this week, guess what....you were right!!!

Friday night I interviewed Ash and the hairtastic Winnebago Deal I did a radio interview with Ash which may or may not be broadcast on the radio soon.
It was OK, but I think its safe to say that i'm not going to be having a career in radio. But hey, Ash gave me three beers and it was cool to hang out backstage, particuarly when one of the Ash roadies thought I was in Winnebago Deal!
On the Ash front I can report that Tim is very short, Mark is very tall, Rick has an alarming beard and although Charlotte is very attractive and a great guitarist, but she just doesn't do it for me. Maybe I prefer bass players...?

The interview with 'The Deal' went much much better, probably as it was after the gig and we had a few beers by then, and partly because I had lost my questions and so just ended up chatting to them for about 20 minutes...

Sadly I didn't make it back to the hotel with the bands for a groupie filled game of strip Simpsons Cluedo, but hey another time...

On saturday after the radio show we went to the Fab Cafe in Manchester which is a science fiction theme bar...
I danced to Joy Division with a middle aged woman who could hardly stand, yet this seemed to actually help her move on the dancefloor and the stacato beat of JD.
We then ended up at a casino at 2:30 am where we discovered that you got free coffee, tea hot chocolate and soft drinks - WOW. We even managed to get three free balls out of the overpriced foosball table.

Official: All night casino's with free hot chocolate are the new rock'n' roll