Monday, March 15

Random statistics of the day

A list of why concerts by sweary comedy northerners the Macc Lads were banned or failed to happen

Local Council objections (103)
Police/Licensing warnings to venue (99)
No reason given (91)
Venue owners/managers with cold feet (22)
Protests from clergymen (21)
Local resident committee petitions (17)
Insurance company veto (15)
Minority rights group petitions (9)
Immigration veto/ visa refusal (9)
Git discovers concert to be charity benefit (5)
Venue ceased trading (4)
Pseudonym revealed (3)
Band member in hospital (2)
Local promoter received death threats (2)
Death of local promoter (1)
Band member in prison (1)
Local promoter put wrong date on posters & publicity (1)
Venue owner changed name of venue, but didn't tell anyone (1)
Venue flooded (1)
Power cut (1)
Police raid unlicensed premises (1)
Lads discover concert to be in aid of hunt saboteurs (1)

And the all time best reason for cancelling a gig...EVER

Lads discover concert to be Nazi rally (1)