Friday, March 5

On the jukebox

I'm kind of getting into The Stills at the moment, not to be confused will dull northerners The Stands, The Stills are a very cool band from Montreal, Canada in an Interpol kind of way and have a fine song called 'Lola Stars and Stripes' and their album is called 'Logic will break your heart'
Soon they are doing a short tour of the UK with The Shins, another cool North American Band, this time from Alberquerque. I think its about time the Shins got a bit of recognition over here as they are very good indeed.
Also from accross the Atlantic !!! have announced that they will be playing some European festivals this year, as well as releasing a full length album. Personally I can't wait, as so far I think their sole European dates have been three shows in London - if you are into wobbly punk funk, you should really check this band out.
I never really like the Von Bondies before and didn't have any time for their debut LP, but their new album 'Pawn Shoppe Heart' is very cool indeed.
The Liars have gone very bizarre indeed on their new album - with tales of witchcraft and suchlike, but they're not goths...oh no.....
Ikara Colt did an amazing Peel Session on Wednesday, which you can listen to for the follwing week by clicking here. Their new album is going to be amazing...I have no doubt.