Friday, March 26

The Lovejoy Revival

I still can't believe that Tinker from Lovejoy is in Eastenders now!
With the return of Dudley Sutton, surely its only a matter of time before Ian McShane drops into the vic for a swift half and a 'word' about mullets. Or how about a Lovejoy revival, it has to happen. Especially with antiques programmes so popular at the moment. We must start a campaign immediately.

The most poetic thing i've ever read about Lovejoy:
"He may be perpetually broke, his private life is always in a mess, he is a liar and pretends to be a coward, his business dealings are unethical, no woman is safe from him, but he responds to antiques the way Mozart responded to the key of D minor. They set up a vibration in him, and all of a sudden this dubious character becomes an artist."

- Newgate Callender, describing Lovejoy in The New York Times Book Review.

The most worrying news story i've seen today:
"The last time I saw Dudley Sutton he flashed at me on the stage" - Dot Cotton

Other bizarre headlines of the day:

Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it

Player sent off for tackling streaker

Berlin considers employing pig catchers

Scotland invents deep friend chocolate

And the great moustache debate