Saturday, March 20

Hot Parking News

Below is an email that was sent as a circular around the entire University of Central Lancashire email system, proving just how mush of an important issue parking is in Preston!

"Car Parking Update

The issue of car parking was raised at the Vice-Chancellor's annual address in September and that a promise was made to keep staff and students aware of possible future developments.

It has now been confirmed that a traffic consultant has been appointed and will advise the University on the best way to meet the challenge of on-campus parking. The University is also looking at ways of reclaiming lost spaces and, in the short term, hopes to create more temporary spaces. This includes the recent leasing of 30 spaces from the English Martyrs church at Canterbury Hall on Moor Lane.

Work will continue on exploring these and other public transport opportunities and staff and students will be informed as and when major developments occur.

Wow! A Traffic Consultant. Why didn't I see this job advertised, I would have been the ideal candidate!

Note the promise of "major developments" in the last line of the email.

What could it mean? Are we about to see a revolution in the world of parking (in Preston). Keep checking back to Danger! High Postage to find out...