Thursday, March 4

chopstick violence

I did a very bizarre psychology experiment today as I was seduced by the promise of a crisp five pound note for an hour of tests about 'reaction time'. Little did I know that this would mean me being assaulted with a reinforced chopstick...

The deal was that there were two participants in two different rooms, we had to do a few reaction tests and then we would be pitted against each other in the chopstick game, where you have to hit each others chopstick before you move it out of the way - a bit like the game slaps...

Anyway - the game was going fine until the other guy started whacking my hand with the chopstick and going "yesss" and "gotcha"
Strange behaviour, but as I am a mild mannered chap I smiled through the pain and carried on playing by the rules despite a vicious beating of the knuckles by his eating implement.

Anyhow at the end of the experiment it turns out that he was an actor trying to provoke me into a response.....

In the words of the master
"No way should any blame be attached to him there. He's entitled to chin the fella."

Never has a fiver been more painfully earnt.