Tuesday, February 24

To alphabetise or not to alphabetise? that is the question

After generally taking the piss out of people for years for putting their CD collections in alphabetical order - I am considering doing the same with my sidebar. This is despite me giving Katy a gentle ribbing about doing the same a couple of weeks ago.

I guess its just that as you get older, things for some bizarre reason start to look better in alphabetical order, or at right angles to each other, or not all over your bedroom floor. I wonder if anybody has ever done a study into this - they say a lot happens in your life as a result of your childhood, so is it some kind of attempt at harking back to those halcyon days when all you had to worry about was learning the alphabet and getting home in time to watch Chucklevision

I hope the above link doesn't shock you too much when it casually reveals that Chuckle is not actually Barry and Paul's real surname...

Personally I feel mislead and betrayed by BBC television, but at least I now see the real reason why Greg Dyke resigned...