Wednesday, February 11

Psycho watch
I think today is the day to start a new irregular column in this Blog called Psycho Watch - dedicated to those men (for it always men) who come up and aggressively talk at you in pubs.
Today I spent the day mooching around Preston market with stops in several drinking establishments and a few games of Table Football with my friend Dean...

Psycho 1
I met Psycho 1 in the Market Tavern. Whilst drinking a pint of Dark Bitter he accosted Dean by throwing a copy of the 'What's on in Preston' Magazine at him. Barely giving us time to note that Jimmy White was playing an exhibition match against Alex the Hurricane Higgins next month, Psycho 1 addressed us with the shout of OI STUDENTS! I began to think we had made a mistake by coming into this pub, but with around 3/4 of a pint left we were trapped here for a few minutes yet.
Psycho 1 had strange delusions - he seemed to see the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Man as some sort of promised land and seemed the think that they were some kind of haven for the wealthy (perhaps he was confusing them with Jersey - obviously doesn't watch enough Bergerac). I began to suspect that Psycho 1 had perhaps had a bad experience with a small British island (possibly the Isle of Wight) and thought that they were all in some kind of collusion against him.

Psycho 1 then went into a tirade about how crap the country was and it needed something to come and shake it up - he then said something along the lines of "it might take the BNP to do it, but something needs to be done".

Telltale signs of a pub Psycho #1 - He mentions a far right wing political party in casual conversation to someone he's just met.

At this point I was shaking my head quite vigorously and trying to finish my pint as quickly as possible, but this only served to spur psycho 1 on. He edged his stool closer to us and raised his voice ever higher as he began to tell us that the old people and the student should get together in some kinf of alliance to bring down the government. The over 60's and under 25's together in WAR!

Presumably they would storm parliament in armored stairlifts whilst we would carry the zimmerframes ready for hand to hand combat and look after the Werthers original.

Psycho 1 then went into a tirade about students saying that all universities were useless and that he had studied for 3 and a half years before dropping out of university - And look at him now!
After he attatacked virtually every minority group imaginable I felt it was time to leave

As we made our way out of the pub he fixed us with the most honest stare he could muster and said "remember what I said lads" before winking at us in a leering manner.

Needless to say I won't be visiting that pub again.

Later in the day I passed him on the street and he was with a woman probably his wife - he greeted me with a friendly "alright son" - I ignored the racist psycho...

Sometimes people scare me