Sunday, February 8

Let's play Rugby League!
On Friday I went to Chorley and saw 26 men rolling around in the mud, fighting each other - I also went to a rugby league match
*drum roll*

This is perhaps the most northern thing ever - but if anyone thinks I have a glamarous life then just bear in mind:
It was in Chorley
It was pissing it down with rain
It was a grim evening

The reason that I want was that aswell as ticking it off my northern rights of passage list, the match was between Chorley Lynx and Lokomotiv Moscow.

For some bizarre reason 2 Russian teams are allowed enter the Rugby League cup, and Lokomotiv had the dubious pleasure of travelling to Chorley.
If I closed my eyes for a moment I could have almost been in an episode of Phoenix Nights. And when the stadium announcer came on to the pitch before the game and bellowed "Let's play Rugby League" in the most Lancastrian voice ever, that just about sealed it.

The most entertaining part of the match for me was whenever a player scored, the stadium announcer would shout the players name but always follow it with his sponsor for instance - "that try was scored by Mark Johnson sponsored by Adlington conservatories"

I tried to strike up a conversation with some Russians in the crowd but their grasp of English proved to be only slightly better than my Russian. Though I did manage to gather that it was much colder in Moscow than it is in Preston - and that they were fans of TATU!