Monday, February 16

It's been a crazy old weekend with the radio debut of AHEM!, DJ Bergerac and me getting on the wrong train and accidently ending up in Wigan, which is kind of the best way to end up in Wigan I guess, where I met a man who we will call Psycho 2 (more on him later).
Sadly I did not see the pier in Wigan, which claims to be the second longest in Europe, after the one in Poland that we discovered on Saturday, but as it is actually inland - does it actually qualify as a pier?

On the more contentious bus route issue, I found an website claiming that Manchester's Oxford Road was the busiest bus route in Europe and not the much vaunted number 50 Birmingham City Centre to Moseley route.
Preston's claim to fame is of course having the biggest bus station in Europe, but when that gets knocked down - which city will takeover - or will Preston, in a New York, world trade centre style, build an even bigger one.
Not that i'm suggesting that Preston's fine bus station should ever be attacked by terrorists - but then who knows what will happen on the streets of Preston when John retires.

So yeah I went to an amazing Peter Saville exhibition at the Urbis gallery in Manchester. The museum itself is pretty cool - but does fall into the classic Mancunian trap of believing their city is the best in the world. It even falls into the age old habit of claiming Manchester is bigger then Birmingham by using the classic 'Greater Manchester Get Out Clause'. Well if Gary Neville is claiming Stockport and Oldham , we're counting Wolverhapton and Coventry - ALRIGHT?!

I'm gonna post some more exciting pictures tomorrow now I have got a webhost for my photo's!