Wednesday, February 18

The forces are evil are gathering, they are getting ready to take over - no i'm not talking Lord of the Rings, i'm talking table football.
Manchester University and UMIST are merging at the end of the academic year - meaning that their two respective table football societies will also have to merge.
Manchester club President Jon 'The Power' Ashley is completing his course and going to go and do his PHD, leaving the way clear for 'the Mervyn King of Table Football', Alex 'The Sh*t Shoveller' Shovelton and his concealed tube of WD40 to take over the new society.
This man must be stopped at all costs, by force or stealth. But he will be a difficult man to stop, legend has it he broke his own wrist to get a better twist on his table football shot.

But we must unite and stop his evil plan. The Stop Shovelton Campaign starts here...!