Monday, February 16

Ebay Gum (c)Paul Ansorge
Well it seems the fact that I pay my rent by selling items on ebay is causing a stir here in sleepy old Preston. I've had several requests for interviews from news hungry journalism students in the past few days. I know i'm not the first student to pay for their education through ebay, but in Preston, with traffic chaos at an all time low now there are two traffic wardens on the job, news is thin on the ground.

But in a new twist to the tale it appears that by using the university computer network for commercial purposes, I am in direct breach of university computer regulations....... I'm looking over my shoulder now as I process Paypal payment for the legendary Iron Maiden Double Live album.

I hope they don't send Barton and Kirkham after me, they the Starsky and hutch of the North West!