Monday, January 12

Well done big man!
Man mountain Andy Fordham made history by winning the darts yesterday. Well done to the Viking, a man who has special dispensation from the Darts authorities to wear trainers because he can't get any black slip on shoes that fit him.

"I tell people that these trainers aren't for show, I'm an athlete." - says Fordham, and i'm not going to argue with him

It seems that like snooker, darts has a dress code, though whether the code says "garishly coloured shirt with dodgy nickname on the back" is anyone's guess. I'm pleased 'The Viking' beat Mervyn King in the final, mainly because of his opponents poorly thought out nickname. I'm sorry but in my book, Mervyn 'The King' King just shows a lack of imagination.

I'm sure everyone will be pleased to know that for the foreseeable future this blog will remain a darts free zone.

Now it's only a few months until the snooker.......!