Thursday, January 22

Victory for Keith

Well it seems the 'Preston chip shop wars' are finally over. Round the corner from my house there are two chip shops that are provocatively, some would say daringly, situated directly across the road from each other. When buying chips it becomes a case of deciding which one you think is the least unhygenic. You stand paralyzed with indecision in the middle of the road as a member of the counter staff from each shop tries to stare you in to his/her take away food emporium.
Then you nearly get runover by a taxi

Well now it seems that the chip shop war has been won by Keith's Hawaiian Chicken - as the one across the road appears to have closed down.
Either the competition from Keith was simply too much, or health and safety finally made a visit...
Interestingly some of my friends are on first name terms with Keith, and I think in fact he might be Greek....hmmmm...