Friday, January 30

Sad to see 'Dyko' resign of course - but I don't believe that the sacking of any top level execs will have any immidiete effect on programming schedules. What we need to do is demand some sackings amongst the presenters

Steve Rider - you were fashionable briefly in 1985. Side partings are wrong and Sports Blazers do not a good outfit make - FIRED from grandstand - punishment - made to present Bowls 24 hours a day on the new BBC Bowls channel

Craig Doyle from the holiday programme - Jet setting around the world making contacts with international terrorists eh! - FIRED - punishment - made to live in Bognor Regis

Nicky Campbell - We all know about your links with international terrorists - FIRED - punishment - made to listen to the sound of his own voice forever more!

Cast of My Family - Just because its pants, alright - a 'comedy' of mass destruction! - FIRED - Robert Lindsay made to watch every episode of Citizen Smith again and then forced to make a public apology to the people of Tooting for betraying them

Sid Owen - Ricky from Eastenders - obviously connected with Osama Bin Laden - FIRED

Jim Davidson - Instant Death - Well known terrorist