Tuesday, January 13

Preston parking update
Well i'm back in Preston now and I think I have to bow to public demand and give an update on the now handily acronymed Preston Parking Problem (PPP).
It seems that the council has finally worked out that by the time planning permission goes through for the Multi Story car park outside my back garden I will have moved of Preston. Instead, there are now people digging up the road right outside my front door! There is a hole in the ground right outside my house exposing some cables (though whether they are real or not is debatable). Yet I have not seen any sign of a workman since I have been back. Spooky.
These 'roadworks' have only worsened the parking problem in my street, cutting by around a third the number of spaces available in one foul swoop. I have not yet seen John to ask his opinion on the matter, perhaps he has been buried down the hole in an act of power tool assisted road rage...