Sunday, January 4

Fireworks and Falafels
After returning from Amsterdam I can conclude that the Dutch apply the same relaxed attitude to firework safety as they do to soft drugs and prostitution. I reckon I am one of very few people who can say that they saw the new year in whilst cowering in a bus shelter. I can only assume that nobody in Holland has ever heard of the fireworks code. It was all very exciting actually, mixed with that element of danger. Like whether that slightly drunk man standing behind you is really doing to light that enormous rocket.....and why is he pointing it towards me......RUN!
We also had some amazing Falafels from a takeaway Falafel shop. For anybody that doesn't know, Falafels are little balls of Chickpeas with some other exciting stuff like cumin and garlic, which you have in a pittabread with salad, and they are delicious.
Sadly I can't find anywhere to buy fresh Falafels from in Birmingham - so I may be forced to open my own Falafel takeaway soon in Brum - unless anyone knows that one already exists.
I know you can buy them frozen from Sainsbury's, but it's just not the same!

Wow - check out this page - they deliver Falafels all over America.
"Ever thought of having a Falafel party?", it cheekily asks us at the bottom of the page. Well you bet I have, and I like the sound of having some airlifted in from America.