Monday, January 19

Bowls - not the new rock and roll
Well who says that BBC sports coverage is poor. I'm sure that all of you were practically glued to the screen watching the bowls world championships on BBC2 last week. Bowls is surely the slowest sport ever, speeding up only in the quite frankly pointless moments when one of the bowler chases after his bowl down the carpet.

And what is it with the Blue Nylon Trousers that all competitors seem obliged to have to wear? Is the tournament sponsored by Clive Mark Schoolwear or something. And I love the way that the blue trousers are so nicely topped off with white shoes and a white belt. Nice!

And what about the crowd! Are they alive? It's hard to tell as they barely actually move. They are all about 70 anyway - so it wouldn't be much of a surprise if a few of them popped their clogs because of the 'tension'.
Commentary is something that can life even the most prosaic of sports (see darts posts below!) However on this occasion the bowls commentary wasn't up to much with the best line being
"I think he's been lucky and unlucky at the same time there" - Hardly the stuff of legends...

Anyway, i'm off to rent Blackball starring Paul Kaye from the video shop to see how it should be done