Thursday, December 18

Scream Pubs = Evil

Are 'It's a Scream' pubs the most evil thing since Skeletor from the He-man cartoons?
Their only redeeming (if misleading) feature was the Munch painting outside. Now with those banished and replaced with the evil corporate yellow 'Scream' Circles, there is nothing left to recommend these pubs.
Why do I suddenly hate them so much?

Is it the bright yellow walls and the varnished pine flooring that feature in most of them? Posssibly, but i've always had a soft spot for Norwich City and I prefer pine to say... MDF.

Is it because they are invariably filled with slacker students playing pool badly and posing in their expensive trainers (obviously paid for by their mothers if they are so much in debt)?

Is it the ubiquitous video Jukebox pumping out shite pop like Atomic Kitten and watered down indie like those Australian 'rock' nethedrals - Jet?

Is it the YELLOW CARD? - The sneaky way that they get everybody apart from students to pay more

Is it they way they take previously nice pubs and turn them into standardised bright yellow tackfests, thus removing all traces of character and individuality?

Or is it the fact that the Queen of Hearts in Manchester tried to charge me two English pounds just to play on the Q quiz machine - when there were only about two other people in the whole pub. It was a Tuesday night - nobody goes out on a Tuesday do they?

Or is Tuesday the new Wednesday?