Thursday, December 18

Personally, I think that laser quest should be used to solve international conflicts and disputes

Just strap all of the international leaders into the backpacks and just throw them into the laser arena (preferably the one in Acocks Green Birmingham) - who ever gets the highest score wins.

I don't think Bush would be very good at the game - probably trying to figure out how you actually fire the gun and muttering about "lasers of mass destruction"

Blair would be OK - but he would go around making alliances with everyone and in the end get shot many times.

The Japanese leader would be good at hiding in concealed places

Jacques Chirac would be OK I reckon as long as he found a good sniping position - but if he had to move his bulky frame around he would be an easy target.

In my view, in this game of international leader laser-tag, there would only be one winner:

Not only does Vladimir Putin have a KGB background, he also looks handy with a gun and would shoot you as soon as look at you.
Russia would again become a world superpower!

So go on Mr Bush and Mr Blair, what are you afraid of?

I hereby begin the campaign to use Laser Quest (Acocks Green) to solve international conflicts!