Sunday, December 21

Ikara Colt comeback

My favorite angular noise-makers Ikara Colt are releasing a new single and album early next year!

Also, in a delicious limited edition deal Fantastic Plastic are offering Ikara Colt's debut album Chat and Business along with their seminal 5 track Basic Instructions EP for the bargainous price of 8 English Pounds - a must for all post punk xmas stockings.

Talking of bargains, I got the surprisingly playable Bargain Hunt board game for Xmas - I remember when 'The Dickinson' was an underground phenomena known only to the unemployed and elderly. I used to rush back from the dole office to watch the unmissable lunchtime show - those were the days.

So i'm learning this HTML business and have made a few cosmetic changes to the page - if anyone knows how to add a little messageboard/bar thingy in the right hand column then let me know.

The startling discovery of the day is that my local MP, Tom Watson, has his own Weblog here - I wonder if one of his humble constituents can get a link from his page. For the sheer novelty of a politician talking to his constituents, it has earned a coveted place on my Fave Blogs list along with:

Call Centre Confidential - A must read for anyone who has ever worked in an office