Wednesday, December 24

After recieving the Extreme Ironing book for Xmas, the question I ask myself is - has Extreme Ironing sold out and become too commercialised?

Have the book deals and the TV programmes diluted the essence of the 'fastest growing white goods extreme sport' in the world? Are people these days simply going into the sport for the money and free ironing accessories that come with the large sponsorship deals being given out to any young ironist who can press a shirt whilst up a mountain?
I for one yearn for the purer days of the sport when you could go to your nearest fast flowing river and iron a pair of pants without the glare of media attention upon you.

With more and more money flowing into the professional ironing game in countries who are major ironing forces such as the UK, Austria and Germany. How are smaller countries with less ironing facilities equipment and plug sockets supposed to compete?